getting a little carried away?

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Wed Feb 9 15:15:17 PST 2005

this box has a RAID-1 array with a single slice containing six

des at dwp ~% ls /dev/ar0*
/dev/ar0        /dev/ar0s1a     /dev/ar0s1c     /dev/ar0s1e     /dev/ar0s1g
/dev/ar0s1      /dev/ar0s1b     /dev/ar0s1d     /dev/ar0s1f

the components of ar0 are ad4 and ad6.  I realize that a component in
a RAID-1 array "tastes the same" to GEOM as a standalone disk, but I
think this is a bit much, especially the adMcsN stuff:

des at dwp ~% ls /dev/ad[46]*
/dev/ad4        /dev/ad4cs1f    /dev/ad4s1e     /dev/ad6cs1c    /dev/ad6s1b
/dev/ad4a       /dev/ad4cs1g    /dev/ad4s1f     /dev/ad6cs1d    /dev/ad6s1c
/dev/ad4b       /dev/ad4d       /dev/ad4s1g     /dev/ad6cs1e    /dev/ad6s1d
/dev/ad4c       /dev/ad4e       /dev/ad6        /dev/ad6cs1f    /dev/ad6s1e
/dev/ad4cs1     /dev/ad4f       /dev/ad6a       /dev/ad6cs1g    /dev/ad6s1f
/dev/ad4cs1a    /dev/ad4s1      /dev/ad6b       /dev/ad6d       /dev/ad6s1g
/dev/ad4cs1b    /dev/ad4s1a     /dev/ad6c       /dev/ad6e
/dev/ad4cs1c    /dev/ad4s1b     /dev/ad6cs1     /dev/ad6f
/dev/ad4cs1d    /dev/ad4s1c     /dev/ad6cs1a    /dev/ad6s1
/dev/ad4cs1e    /dev/ad4s1d     /dev/ad6cs1b    /dev/ad6s1a

is this normal?  more to the point, is it desirable?

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des at

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