vdevs with different spindle speeds

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Sat Dec 5 12:38:59 UTC 2020

Normally when making an array, I'd like to use all disks all same speed,                                                       
interface, make and model but from different batches. In this case, I've no                                                    
choice, so we have multiple 1TB disks some 7.2k some 5.4k. I've not mixed                                                      
them like this before.                                                                                                         
What effect would this have on the final array? Slower than if all one or the other?                                           
No effect? I'm expecting the fastest access will be that of the slowest vdev.                                                  
Similarly some disks block size is 512b logical/512b physical, others are 512b                                                 
logical/4096 physical, still others are 4096/4096. Any effect of                                                               
mixing hardware? I understand zfs sets its own blocksize.                                                                      

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