RFC: should an incremental reload of exports for mountd be optional?

Rick Macklem rmacklem at uoguelph.ca
Fri May 31 21:50:13 UTC 2019


I have created a patch for PR#237860 that improves the time it takes to reload
the exports file(s) for an NFS file server from seconds->milliseconds by only doing
system calls for the changes to the exports file(s). (Assumes each reload includes
changes to only a small fraction of the entries.)

I made it a non-default option of "-I", but asomers@ asked why it needed to be

Basically, I made it optional because I felt the patch might still be buggy and not
handle some case of an exports file change that I missed.

However, I can see the argument of making it non-optional (or optional but enabled
by default) so that sysadmins don't need to add "-I" to avoid long periods where the
nfsd threads are suspended.
If it is broken, the deamon would need to be restarted to do a full reload, but that
would also be the case if a sysadmin specified the "-I" option.

So, the question is... "do you think this should be an option or just always enabled?".

Thanks , rick

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