Regarding vop_vector

Aijaz Baig aijazbaig1 at
Sun Feb 25 01:54:15 UTC 2018


I am trying to understand how the VFS layer within FreeBSD and I was rather
stumped while trying to find where vop_vector was declared. Upon searching
the internet, realized that an awk script is used to "generate" this like

/sys/tools/vnode_if.awk /sys/kern/vnode_if.src -q

So I was wondering if anyone could provide me a (brief would be fine as
well) walk through the memory lane as to why such an 'odd looking' way was
adopted (perhaps it is brilliant but my thick skull is unable to fathom
it's brilliance).

Keen to hear from you experts out there please!


Best Regards,
Aijaz Baig

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