Linux NFS client and FreeBSD server strangeness

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Wed Apr 4 20:04:25 UTC 2018

I also see this behavior between Linux and FBSD.

Yep my server does run ZFS however, when using FreeBSD as a client I am 
able to use NFSv4 without any problem however, with Linux I get many 
timeouts so I switched to v3 which gives smoother performance at least 
on the read side. It is however, not possible to use the FBSD machine as 
an nfs /home directory as the Linux client will lock up and wait for a 
long time while certain files from Window Managers etc.... get 
written/read. For this reason I switched over to using iscsi and a ZFS udev.

I think I posted a similar topic ages ago but got no response. It would 
be interesting to see the cause for this. I have a hunch it could be 
something to do with the nfs implementation of Linux but it is just pure 
conjecture on my side.



On 04/04/18 20:44, Karli Sjöberg via freebsd-fs wrote:
> Mike Tancsa <mike at> skrev: (4 april 2018 21:24:59 CEST)
>> On 4/4/2018 3:04 PM, Guido Falsi wrote:
>>> in the NFS tuning section.
>>> If you're not using ZFS I don't have an idea right away what your
>>> problem could be.
>> Thanks, same sort of bursty traffic patterns with a ufs filesystem.  I
>> just tried with a spare disk I made into a UFS2 partition and exported
>> it to the linux client.
>> Also no difference if I disable sync for the underlying file system
>> when
>> using zfs.
> Darn, would have been my bet as well:)
> Although I understand it might be difficult for you, it would be interresting to know if a FreeBSD client exhibits the same behaviour. It may be a client problem instead of the server?
> /K
>> 	---Mike

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