Linux NFS client and FreeBSD server strangeness

Mike Tancsa mike at
Wed Apr 4 19:56:03 UTC 2018

On 4/4/2018 3:44 PM, Karli Sjöberg wrote:
> Although I understand it might be difficult for you, it would be interresting to know if a FreeBSD client exhibits the same behaviour. It may be a client problem instead of the server?

I am starting to wonder if its the Linux client's (seeming) massive
write caching, or the way that dump might sputter out data on linux....
It could be causing a certain edge case where the LINUX's NFS client
doesnt bother writing for a while. I do note that the burst is pushing

doing a straight up cat of /dev/zero to a file over NFS is nice and
steady and works as expected.

FreeBSD dump also works as expected, but then again, the client might
have all sorts of different caching rules that are different

 Kbps in  Kbps out
  250.20     16.57
16299.44    441.57
121562.3   3267.12
304158.3   8128.84
205250.2   5485.41
159533.5   4294.59
252426.0   6465.67
59065.87   1587.44
109203.0   2935.75
139746.6   3750.78
167724.0   4735.38
96619.25   2597.97


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