zfs - moving filesystem from one zpool to another

John freebsd-lists at potato.growveg.org
Mon Apr 7 13:43:17 UTC 2014

Hello list,

For other reasons I had to install pc-bsd 10 rather than the regular
freebsd on my new desktop. Unfortunately it insisted on installing to
the first device which is a ssd (110GB). It makes its own zpool called
"tank" and everything gets installed there.

Now, while it's great that some stuff is there on the ssd like / /boot
and /root /var and /tmp, I'm rather less enamoured that /usr/ports /usr/src 
and /home are there too.

With the hdds in the machine (ada1 ada2 and ada3) I made a raidz array
that made 7.2TB usable space. This zpool is called "storage". I'd like
to put the not-so-active filesystems on the zpool called "storage". A
couple of issues though:

1. /usr/local is not it's own filesystem. Is it a case of just doing a
recursive copy on the existing /usr/local into a newly created
/storage/usr/local and setting the mountpoint as /usr/local (after
deleting the old /usr/local) ?

2. /usr/ports IS it's own filesystem on tank:
tank/usr/ports on /usr/ports (zfs, local, nfsv4acls)

Can I zfs export this from tank and then zfs import it into storage ? If
so, do I need to set a mountpoint?


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