ZFS snapshot name length limit? (File name too long)

Pawel Jakub Dawidek pjd at FreeBSD.org
Wed Mar 10 17:44:18 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 03:14:59PM +0100, Michiel Detailleur wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt for automatic creation and purging 
> of ZFS snapshots. It creates snapshot names like this (zfsfilesys is not 
> the actual name of the zfs filesystem, it's actually a bit longer. Why 
> is this important? See below.):
> zfsfilesys at auto-2010-03-10_06.00
> Clean and simple naming scheme you would think, but when I ls -la 
> zfsfilesys/.zfs/snapshot, I get output from ls:
> ls: auto-2010-03-10_06.00: File name too long
> This happens for all snapshots with names longer than 16 characters for 
> this particular zfs file system.
> Snapshots shorter than 16 characters are listed.
> drwxr-xr-x   12 root  wheel   23 Dec 24 14:06 2010-02-02-00/
> The name of the actual file system is 56 characters, starting from 'tank/'
> For file systems with shorters names, longer snapshot names *are* 
> accessible.
> This seems to imply a maximum length of 72 characters (snapshot '@' sign 
> excluded) for *usable* snapshots? (usable in the sense that we can 
> mount/look into them)
> What limit am I (we?) hitting here? Is this a problem with ZFS itself or 
> with FreeBSD? Sure looks like a silly limit for the filesystem that 
> touts 'biggest everything'.
> I'm using FreeBSD 8.0, the zpool was freshly created on the 8.0 OS (not 
> upgraded from older FreeBSD ZFS version).
> Thanks for any insight on this problem.

From looking at the code, I think you hitting this limit:

	 * Be ultra-paranoid about making sure the type and fspath
	 * variables will fit in our mp buffers, including the
	 * terminating NUL.
	if (strlen(fstype) >= MFSNAMELEN || strlen(fspath) >= MNAMELEN)
		return (ENAMETOOLONG);

in vfs_domount() or vfs_donmount().

This is FreeBSD limit caused by statfs structure:

 * filesystem statistics
#define MNAMELEN        88              /* size of on/from name bufs */
struct statfs {
	char	f_mntfromname[MNAMELEN];/* mounted filesystem */
	char	f_mntonname[MNAMELEN];	/* directory on which mounted */

When you list .zfs/snapshot/ directory (especially with -l option) ZFS
mounts snapshots on lookup and this is this mount that fails.

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