UFS2 and/or sparse file bug causing copy process to land in 'D'' state?

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 09:58:05 PST 2009

> Dimitar Vasilev wrote:
>> How about a soekris board, a USB stick and a null modem cable for
>> collecting
>> data from the local box? Or a laptop with a USB to serial adapter ?
> I'll take them ;-)
> Sorry, Dimitar, if I was unclear. I've already got equipment connected to
> the serial console on my local machine, so capturing output is no problem.
> It's all the kernel debugging stuff I've no knowledge of.
> Carl                                             / K0802647
Well, like most things in life you should give a try. I have made some
type of action plan for you:

1) Compile a kernel with the options mentioned by Kostik at
2) Set the sio flags to 0x80 of consoles on the local machine per
3)get a copy of DDD if you want to
4) start having fun

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