UFS label limitations

Jaakko Heinonen jh at saunalahti.fi
Sat Dec 13 10:46:11 PST 2008


On 2008-12-13, Rick C. Petty wrote:
> I applied the attached (inline) patch and have had no troubles creating,
> editing, or mounting via UFS labels.  The patch allows you to create
> labels with any characters except '/' (for obvious reasons) and should
> work with most locales (with the tiny exception that multibyte characters
> which use 0x2F in subsequent bytes should be rejected, since geom_label
> is locale-agnostic).

geom_label has problems with other characters too. The problem is that
it doesn't encode characters for XML output properly. See these PRs:


This already causes problems with file systems which allow non-ASCII
label names. IMO the problem should be addressed before extending
allowed characters in UFS labels.


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