Advice for hacking on ufs/ffs

Shane Adams adamsch1 at
Tue Aug 1 20:54:34 UTC 2006

I think I found a bug in the ffs code, specifically in ffs_uninit and the uma_zcreates in ffs_vfsops.c

You need to explicitly call zdestroy on uma_inode1, uma_ufs1 and uma_ufs2 in ffs_uninit otherwise if UFS/FFS (as a kernel module) is unloaded, you get a panic if you call sysctl -a after the kldunload.

Now I'm new to freebsd, and on my system UFS/FFS is statically compiled, but I was screwing around and discovered this.  Not sure how to report this or the patch (that fixed the problem on my system).


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