using hfs with freebsd 6

Craig St Jean valiantsoul at
Tue Dec 27 01:19:09 PST 2005

> I have a few questions about using HFS+ with FreeBSD 6.0-stable.
> - what's the recommended utility/utilities to use for handling HFS+
> partitions?  I've been looking at the hfsutils port
> (ports/emulators/hfsutils) as well as an hfs project found here:
> .
> - does anyone know if any of the HFS utilities support having an HFS+
> partition on a disk with a dos-compatible partition table?
> What I'm trying to do is mount an HFS+ partition from a usb-drive.   
> The
> disk was created using my mac, and was created so that (while using an
> hfs driver for windows called macdrive6) I can access the drive from
> both my mac & my windows system.  I'd like to use the drive in my
> FreeBSD system as well, hence my curiousity about the above.
> If I attach the drive to my system, I get /dev/da1 /dev/da1s1 and
> /dev/da1s2.  s1 is the HFS+ partition, and s2 is a fat32 formatted
> partition.
> I've attempted using the hfsutils port and running hmount, and  
> received
> the following error:
> # hmount /dev/da1s1
> hmount: /dev/da1s1: not a Macintosh HFS volume (Invalid argument)
> Using the mount_hfs command from the programs found on
> i was able to execute mount  
> with the
> following error as well:
> # mount -t hfs /dev/da1s1 /mnt
> mount_hfs: /dev/da1s1: No such file or directory
This failed because you must first install the kernel module and  
userland software from that page. The no such file was regarding  
mount_hfs. As far as if that is the best option - I do not know.
> I may be trying something rather unusual, but I'd like to get it  
> working.
> Thanks,
> -Joe

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