filesystem full - freebsd 5.3

dlm-fb at dlm-fb at
Thu Dec 15 07:24:18 PST 2005

Oliver Fromme <olli at> wrote:
:  t c <namondo at> wrote:
:   > I've got the following error messages in, but there are lots
:   > inodes (and free space) on that partition (/home):
:   > 
:   > pid 50371 (rateup), uid 0 inumber 1130885 on /home: filesystem full
:   > pid 42486 (httpd), uid 80 inumber 1059960 on /home: filesystem full
:   > pid 50614 (virtual), uid 1004 inumber 966735 on /home: filesystem full
:   > (many times each row...)
:  [...]
:  Usually, when there are messages reporting that the file
:  system is full, it really _is_ full at that time.
:  In theory there could be some inconsistencies or other
:  damage of the filesystem, but in that case you should also
:  get other error messages.  If you want to be sure, umount
:  the file system and fsck it.  I bet there will be no
:  errors.

Perhaps more likely, he was trying to allocate full-size blocks, and
the only things available were fragments.  The output from df doesn't
distinguish between the two types of available space.  You can use
dumpfs(8) to do that.


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