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Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Dec 15 05:40:16 PST 2005

t c <namondo at> wrote:
 > I've got the following error messages in, but there are lots
 > inodes (and free space) on that partition (/home):
 > pid 50371 (rateup), uid 0 inumber 1130885 on /home: filesystem full
 > pid 42486 (httpd), uid 80 inumber 1059960 on /home: filesystem full
 > pid 50614 (virtual), uid 1004 inumber 966735 on /home: filesystem full
 > (many times each row...)

Maybe the file system was really full at the time those
problems were logged.  Then some cronjob (e.g. logrotate
or whatever) cleaned up, and now you don't see any traces
of the problem anymore.

If you want to find out, you could monitor your free space
continously.  The easiest way to do that would probably be
a small shell script which appends `df -k /home` to a log
file in /var.  You can call the script every 5 minutes via
cron, for example.

Usually, when there are messages reporting that the file
system is full, it really _is_ full at that time.
In theory there could be some inconsistencies or other
damage of the filesystem, but in that case you should also
get other error messages.  If you want to be sure, umount
the file system and fsck it.  I bet there will be no

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