[Patch] cd9660/msdosfs/ntfs/libiconv mutli-byte extention

R. Imura imura at ryu16.org
Sat Sep 27 05:25:10 PDT 2003


On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 05:30:55PM +0700, Boris Popov wrote:
> 	*_iconv.ko modules aren't strictly necessary and at some point
> they could be integrated into corresponding fs modules. libiconv.ko module
> isn't that large to significantly bloat install floppies.

I don't like this idea, because this means GENERIC kernel has libiconv.ko.

> 	I think yes. In addition, it is a good candidate for MFC into RELENG_4.

I think there is a difficulty problem to MFC into RELENG_4.
Since DYNAMICROOT is unavailable with RELENG_4, mount_cd9660
will not work w/o /usr.
Maybe some knobs should be made to switch dynamic/static linking
mount_cd9660/mount_msdosfs/mount_ntfs, and default is statically linked.

A patch for RELENG_4 is here:
(fjoe's fix should be feeded back, but not yet.)


- R. Imura

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