[Patch] cd9660/msdosfs/ntfs/libiconv mutli-byte extention

Boris Popov bp at freebsd.org
Fri Sep 26 03:31:05 PDT 2003

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 02:09:03AM +0900, R. Imura wrote:
> I made a patch for multi-byte character extension
> of three file systems with enhanced LIBICONV in the
> kernel. File systems are cd9660(joliet part), msdosfs,
> and ntfs.

	Great work, I should say!  The patch itself looks good.  There is
only one minor note: function iconv_vfs_refcount() looks like misplaced one.
It doesn't really belong to the iconv module and pollutes it with mount.h.
May be getting this function into one of vfs_*.c files would be a better
idea, although I'm don't have strong opinion on that.
> New Kernel Options (Kernel Modules)
>  - CD9660_ICONV (cd9660_iconv.ko)
>  - MSDOSFS_ICONV (msdosfs_iconv.ko)
>  - NTFS_ICONV (ntfs_iconv.ko)

	*_iconv.ko modules aren't strictly necessary and at some point
they could be integrated into corresponding fs modules. libiconv.ko module
isn't that large to significantly bloat install floppies.
> Any comments? And is it possible to apply this
> patch to upcoming FreeBSD-5.2?

	I think yes. In addition, it is a good candidate for MFC into RELENG_4.
> P.S.
> Though it may be very small thing,

	No this is great thing, thanks for your work!

Boris Popov

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