Recovering from filesystem damage

Paul English penglish at
Thu May 8 13:44:39 PDT 2003

	I have a partition that was recovered for me by a data recovery
company. Unfortunately all they gave me was a image of the disk with all
the data they could recover. I managed to find an alternate superblock
that works for the partition in question, but when I go to mount it is
where I get into trouble.

	It wants to have fsck run - if I do that with fsck -y it will
clean the filesystem, and mount, but *everything* (all 15GB) is in
lost+found. If I just restore the superblock with fsck, and don't do
anything else, then I can mount the filesystem readonly, but then when I
mount it there is nothing there:

#ls /mnt
ls: /mnt: Bad file descriptor

What else can I try? Pulling 15GB of data from lost+found is pretty


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