Large Disk support

Bogdan TARU bgd at
Thu May 8 06:43:57 PDT 2003


 I have asked this question(s) on the freebsd-hackers ml as well, but no
reply... maybe somebody in here can help me. And obviously, I am sorry for
the double-posting...

 I have a 'backup box' which acts like a SCSI device with almost 2TB of
available space. And, obviously, I would like to use it all. But I have
encountered problems with fdisk (because of the number of 'so
called' cylinders, I imagine), and formatting the filesystem. So, I have
the following questions:

1. Is there a 'modified' version of fdisk which works with large disks
(mine is: da1: 2097144MB (4294950912 512 byte sectors: 255H 63S/T 5204C))

2. What kind of filesystem should I run on this thing (will UFS2 handle
2+ TB)? Is there any support for XFS or so for FreeBSD?

3. Are there any resources (documentation/mailing-lists/etc) which treat
this problem?

 Please reply to my email as well, since I'm not subscribed to freebsd-fs
mailing list.

 Thank you,

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