Elixir, Timeline for update to 1.10?

Antranig Vartanian antranigv at freebsd.am
Mon Apr 20 17:43:40 UTC 2020

Greetings Sigfrid,

I will check the version bump this week, hopefully I’ll be done by the weekend, I’m not much of an expert either, but dch@ and I will try to fix the issues and keep things up-to-date, as I need the latest version for my projects as well.

After that is done, maybe we can work together to make a port? :)

Best regards from a fellow newby.

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> On Apr 20, 2020, at 9:38 PM, Sigfrid <sigfrid at sigfridlinden.se> wrote:
> Hi,
> Firstly, thank you for your work with keeping FreeBSD working by maintaining ports! I came to FreeBSD through FreeNAS and I like it a lot! But I have run in to a problem... One of my favorit projects, https://github.com/adriankumpf/teslamate, where just updated to a new shiny version that handles the logging of the car so much better than the last version. I want it badly, but they bumped elixir min version to 1.10 which means I can't build the latest version of Teslamate in my FreeBSD jail until elixir is updated to 1.10.
> I see that you reverted the update 5 weeks ago because of dependent ports where not up to date. Has that changed since then? When do you think elixir will be updated?
> Thank you again for your time and effort! I hope to learn to someday also create a port, maybe I will have to try to make Teslamate into a FreeBSD port someday. It works really well in a FreeNAS jail and I am sure there are more Tesla owners out there with FreeNAS boxes that would love to use it :) Everything does not have to be run in dockers, jails are quite awesome too!
> Best regards!
> Sigfrid Lindén Johansson
> Malmö, Sweden
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