Elixir, Timeline for update to 1.10?

Sigfrid sigfrid at sigfridlinden.se
Mon Apr 20 17:39:02 UTC 2020


Firstly, thank you for your work with keeping FreeBSD working by maintaining ports! I came to FreeBSD through FreeNAS and I like it a lot! But I have run in to a problem... One of my favorit projects, https://github.com/adriankumpf/teslamate, where just updated to a new shiny version that handles the logging of the car so much better than the last version. I want it badly, but they bumped elixir min version to 1.10 which means I can't build the latest version of Teslamate in my FreeBSD jail until elixir is updated to 1.10.

I see that you reverted the update 5 weeks ago because of dependent ports where not up to date. Has that changed since then? When do you think elixir will be updated?

Thank you again for your time and effort! I hope to learn to someday also create a port, maybe I will have to try to make Teslamate into a FreeBSD port someday. It works really well in a FreeNAS jail and I am sure there are more Tesla owners out there with FreeNAS boxes that would love to use it :) Everything does not have to be run in dockers, jails are quite awesome too!

Best regards!
Sigfrid Lindén Johansson
Malmö, Sweden

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