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Email: robertendersby at yandex.com
Dr. David McCreadie
Date: 31 / 12 /2020


My Name is Dr. David McCreadie the Chief Operating Officer of TESCO BANK  
UNITED KINGDOM (http://www.tescobank.com). and I am in need of a reliable  
foreigner to carry out this important deal.

An account was opened in my bank by one of my customers in the name of MR.  
THOMAS BAHIA a Dutch National from Germany who made a fixed deposit of  
£15,900,000.00 (Fifteen Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Great British  
Pounds) and never show up again and I later discovered that he died with  
his entire family members on a plane crash that occurred in Libya on the  
12th of May 2010 and below is a link for your view..


Now I want to present a foreigner as next of kin to late Thomas so we can  
make the claim and you can contact me if you are interested so I can give  
you more detailed information about this transaction. For the sharing of  
the money will be shared in the ratio of 50% for me, 40% for you and 10% to  
cover our expenses after the deal.

Now the total amount to be transferred is £17.2 million because of the  
interest the fund has accumulated since 2010.

Please keep this absolutely confidential weather interested or not.


Dr. David McCreadie
Pvt: robertendersby at yandex.com

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