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I have to apologize for sending you an unwelcomed message because I know  
this is not a predictable way to encourage communication with a stranger at  
the same time, forgive me for contacting you without knowing you personally.

In any case, I am writing to you from the hospital where I have been  
hospitalized for esophageal cancer over the past six months. In fact, I  
have performed many unsuccessful surgeries in the past and recently my  
doctor told me that I only have a few periods to live because of the cancer  

After learning that I had a 10% chance to survive another surgery, and a  
short period of life gave me a lot of worries because I am a 66-year-old  
widow with no children.

Initially, I wanted to create a charity project to fulfill the wish of my  
late husband, but my current health condition will not allow me to  
implement the project myself.

I decide to call you until I make you the beneficiary of the fund that I  
inherited from my late husband so that you can create a charitable project  
that benefits street children and orphans in the meantime when you accept  
this offer, 70% of the fund will be used for the project and 30% to you.
I hope to hear from you
Thank you very much

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