Kernel Event Help in Tracing. (NMI ISA 30, EISA ff)

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Feb 9 08:03:26 PST 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 11:38, Mark Ackroyd wrote:
> Hiya,
> I have FreeBSD 6 installed on a server Dell PE750 that used for IVR, it
> has Asterisk installed, Including the latest version of Zaptel for the
> Digium card. When the driver actually starts doing any work, it kicks out
> loads and loads of kernel syslog messages containing just "NMI ISA 30,
> EISA ff", there is another guy on the Asterisk-BSD mailing list that has
> this problem, but no-one is any the wiser on it.  I have been sat going
> through the source code for the Zaptel driver all afternoon, and I don't
> think the message is coming from there.  Anyone seen this before or point
> to the right place in the Kernel where these messages could be generating
> from.
> it only starts to do it, when the E1 line starts putting down traffic,
> loading unloading and general init, it doesn't do it.
> Anyone got any thoughts on this?

The message is from the isa_nmi() function in sys/i386/isa/nmi.c.  What is 
happening is that yuor machine is raising an NMI (normally used to indicate 
hardware errors like ECC failures, etc.).  Perhaps the card is asserting 
PERR# or SERR#?  I'm not sure if those would trigger an NMI or not though, it 
might depend on the chipset.

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