problem with samsung flash

Ivan Frosty ivanfrosty at
Fri Dec 29 04:00:34 PST 2006

hello there, i have freebsd 6.1 pentiumII 355mhz processor and 128mb
of ram. everytime i put my samsung 512mb in tha usb the machine doesnt
boot it halts where the error be at if i pull it out it
boots.........then if i put it back in i get an error.......whats with
umass? i basically installed everybit and software of the unix i have
so i dont know why i get the error anyhelp will be highly appreciated!

this is the error:

da0 at umass-sim0 bus0 target0wn0
da0:<SAMSUNG flash Disk 1.06> Removable Direct Access SCSI-0 device
da0:1.000MB/s transfers
da0:511mb(1046720 512 byte sectors:64H 32s/T s11c)
umass0:phase Error, residue = 0
(da0:umass-sim0:0:0:0):synchronize cache failed, status == 0x4,scsi
status == 0x0 opened disk da0->5!

thank you for your time

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