USB Modem at "HTC Wizard" aka "Qtek 9100" pda phone

Ivan Kuznetsov kuzma.wm at
Tue Dec 26 07:14:58 PST 2006

I have some problems using my pda phone as usb-modem for my PC with

At first I loaded:
[kuzma at zealot] /home/kuzma # kldload umodem
[kuzma at zealot] /home/kuzma # kldload ucom

Then I activated "Modem Link" at my pda-device.

According to all documentation that I founded during hours of
"googling", after reconnection of my pda-device it should be smth like
"ucom0" or "umodem0".
But it still "ugen0".

Has anybody noticed this problem and can help to solve it?

Here is some information I've collected:
[kuzma at zealot] /home/kuzma # usbdevs
addr 1: UHCI root hub, Intel
 addr 2: Generic Serial, HTC
addr 1: UHCI root hub, Intel
[kuzma at zealot] /home/kuzma # dmesg | grep HTC
ugen0: HTC Generic RNDIS, rev 2.00/0.00, addr 2
ugen0: HTC Generic Serial, rev 2.00/0.90, addr 2
[kuzma at zealot] /home/kuzma # ll /dev/u
ugen0%    ugen0.1%  ugen0.2%  ugen0.3%  urandom@  usb%      usb0%     usb1%
[kuzma at zealot] /home/kuzma # ll /dev/tty
ttyd0%       ttyd1.init%  ttyp2%       ttyp6%       ttyv1%
ttyv5%       ttyv9%       ttyvd%
ttyd0.init%  ttyd1.lock%  ttyp3%       ttyp7%       ttyv2%
ttyv6%       ttyva%       ttyve%
ttyd0.lock%  ttyp0%       ttyp4%       ttyp8%       ttyv3%
ttyv7%       ttyvb%       ttyvf%
ttyd1%       ttyp1%       ttyp5%       ttyv0%       ttyv4%
ttyv8%       ttyvc%
[kuzma at zealot] /home/kuzma # ps -ax | grep /usr/libexec/getty
  713  ??  I      0:00,41 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv10
  714  ??  I      0:00,28 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv11
  715  ??  I      0:00,45 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv12
  716  ??  I      0:00,38 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv13
  705  v1  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv1
  706  v2  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv2
  707  v3  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv3
  708  v4  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv4
  709  v5  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv5
  710  v6  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv6
  711  v7  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv7
  712  v9  IWs+   0:00,00 /usr/libexec/getty Pc ttyv9
45318  p8  DL+    0:00,00 grep /usr/libexec/getty

Yours sincerely, Kuzma aka WildSurfer
mailto: kuzma.wm at

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