manpages query (net/openntpd)

Frank Shute frank at
Sun May 10 20:32:12 UTC 2020


I installed net/openntpd some time ago. I think I read about it's usage
possibly on OpenBSD's site. Installed it & did the necessary in rc.conf

The other day I wanted to have a look at the local docs for it as I felt the
need to twiddle with its start up args. As always, I have a look to see what
docs it comes with:

$ pkg info -l openntpd



$ man ntpd

Problems. As in front of it in $MANPATH is:


and all the other manpages for ntpd from base.

I happened to realise what was happening, so I could have a look at man(1)

$ man -M /usr/local/man: ntpd

so as to display the port manpage rather than the one installed by base.

This seems to be a POLA violation and I was wondering how, if at all, it
should be handled. A pkg message or rename the binaries or something else?


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