Checking FreeBSD kernel with static analyzer

Svyatoslav Razmyslov razmyslov at
Wed Feb 10 15:29:30 UTC 2016

Hi, Warren.

The analysis report (filtered for most interesting messages) is 
attached, you can use it without any restrictions. To use the report, 
please append the beginning of the paths to files with the path to a 
directory containing kernel sources (replace |?| in case of csv).

Our article itself will be ready approximately in a week, we well 
appreciate if you could post about it in a news section on


10.02.2016 18:08, Warren Block пишет:
> On Wed, 10 Feb 2016, Svyatoslav Razmyslov wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'm an employee of "Program Verification Systems" company. We develop 
>> a static code analyzer PVS-Studio for C/C++/C# languages. To 
>> demonstrate the capabilities of our analyzer, we regularly perform 
>> analysis of open source projects.
>> Recently we’ve checked FreeBSD kernel and now are planning to write 
>> an article with examples of errors which we found. You can find a 
>> list of articles, where we write about check reports of other 
>> open-source projects on our web-page -
>> Official site of the analyzer -
>> We can also provide a full check report by PVS-Studio if needed. 
>> Could you also help to distribute the article by posting this news on 
>> your web-site?
> There might be some interest in this, I will investigate.  Would the 
> check report be freely available, without restrictions?
> Thanks!

Svyatoslav Razmyslov
"Program Verification Systems" (Co Ltd)

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