Checking FreeBSD kernel with static analyzer

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Feb 10 15:08:47 UTC 2016

On Wed, 10 Feb 2016, Svyatoslav Razmyslov wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm an employee of "Program Verification Systems" company. We develop a 
> static code analyzer PVS-Studio for C/C++/C# languages. To demonstrate the 
> capabilities of our analyzer, we regularly perform analysis of open source 
> projects.
> Recently we’ve checked FreeBSD kernel and now are planning to write an 
> article with examples of errors which we found. You can find a list of 
> articles, where we write about check reports of other open-source projects on 
> our web-page -
> Official site of the analyzer -
> We can also provide a full check report by PVS-Studio if needed. Could you 
> also help to distribute the article by posting this news on your web-site?

There might be some interest in this, I will investigate.  Would the 
check report be freely available, without restrictions?


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