its freebsd easy as MAC

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at
Sun Sep 22 14:16:07 UTC 2013

The Macintosh and Windows user environments hide the complexities, 
allowing unskilled server administrators to do a limited number of 
things in an easy way without any understanding of the underlying 
technology. This is what a lot of people want.

Underneath the wizards, the Macintosh OS is very similar to FreeBSD. 
While GUIs exist for FreeBSD (note the plural), it was never designed to 
be simple for unskilled operators to administer and it won't be a 
comfortable experience for Macintosh users looking for a simple 
point-and-click subset of server options (or Windows users, come to 
that). However, I can't quite bring myself to recommend either a 
Macintosh or Windows as a server.

Some Linux distributions position themselves as a half-way between 
Windows and UNIX.

There are some platforms with FreeBSD underneath but bundled with a GUI 
(or web front end). FreeNAS is an obvious example, and I believe it 
supports a web server plugin (or will do soon). Personally I've not got 
on with FreeNAS as I get frustrated by trying to figure things the GUI 
way and end up editing the config files directly to get what I want. But 
then I've wasted a lifetime learning how, and it was never written with 
me in mind.

Most UNIX servers wishing to give users simplified administration seem 
to go for cPanel, which is a web-based server administration front-end 
(although I don't think it supports FreeBSD 9). There are open source 
alternatives such as Webmin (and Kloxo, ISPConfig, Zpanel, Ajenti - 
Linux only?). So why was I so negative about your chances? You will 
probably have difficulty installing them yourself if you're used to a 
Macintosh and I don't want you to have a bad experience. If you can get 
some local help to set it up for you, that would be different.

Regards, Frank.

On 22/09/2013 12:24, IT Tuga wrote:
> hi there i would like to ask if freebsd is easy as mac for server admin
> like  mac dont need to be any it expert  any one can admin and host sites on MAC with few clicks
> not like windows and linux  its hard to setup a website
> MAC interface its very easy and fast for hosting and run a webserver this is why many people applies for use MAC easy to use
> does freebsd  has any admin webserver as mac is  like just upload the files to directory
> open the admin setup the domain name choose the file  index and done its up and running
> i would like to use freebsd  if has easy GUI  if not  i will aplly for use MAC instead
> hope to hear from you for easy GUI  freebsd
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