its freebsd easy as MAC

IT Tuga it.tuga at
Sun Sep 22 11:24:13 UTC 2013

hi there i would like to ask if freebsd is easy as mac for server admin 
like  mac dont need to be any it expert  any one can admin and host sites on MAC with few clicks  
not like windows and linux  its hard to setup a website  

MAC interface its very easy and fast for hosting and run a webserver this is why many people applies for use MAC easy to use   

does freebsd  has any admin webserver as mac is  like just upload the files to directory 
open the admin setup the domain name choose the file  index and done its up and running 

i would like to use freebsd  if has easy GUI  if not  i will aplly for use MAC instead 

hope to hear from you for easy GUI  freebsd 


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