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On the following very old project is still mentioned. 
I did this project, but it is stalled for 10years or so. 
Please remove it, or update it. The code en docs is available on

This week I got an email of a student who was willing to work on it, and found my email on this page. 
That is nice, and whisked him well en good luck. But ... but as I'm hardy programming , nor involved in 
FreeBSD anymore (nor syslog ) I think it is better reflect that on the website. Although it is with pain in my hard

SYSLOG-SECURE: In August 2001 a standard of syslog was made: RFC3164. This RFC describes some extensions to add security to syslog. A project started in 2002 to adapt RFC3164 to the FreeBSD version of syslog and to add some security extensions, at least syslog-sign. Both libc and syslogd will be modified. And optionally some tools to verify or manage the security would be made. All help is welcome. Send an email to albert at for info.

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