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Deb Goodkin deb at
Tue Nov 20 02:24:35 UTC 2007

Hi Murray,

Here's some history for the request. We have a marketing team helping 
us, from a company who has benefited from using FreeBSD. They have 
offered their services to help us better market ourselves for 
fundraising purposes. They looked at the project's website and said it 
was confusing on how to donate. They also said there was no correlation 
between donating and clicking on the foundation button. A person looking 
to donate might not know what the foundation link means.

They had suggested to either add a "Donate to the Foundation" or "Keep 
FreeBSD Free" button in a prominent spot on each page of the project. 
That would also create a connection between the two entities. 
Especially, since our whole mission is to support the project. We are 
going to add a section on our website that answers the questions:

Why is FreeBSD free? or
Why do we want to keep FreeBSD free?
Why is this so important?
What happens if FreeBSD isn't free?
What happens if it goes away?

This will then tie into why donate to the foundation. We would love to 
have both, the donate button and the foundation link. But, if we had a 
choice of only one, I'd choose a donate button that linked to our donate 

Thank You,

Deb Goodkin
The FreeBSD Foundation

Murray Stokely wrote:
> On 11/19/07, Michael W. Lucas <mwlucas at> wrote:
>> What would you think of putting a "Donate to the FreeBSD Foundation"
>> or "Keep freeBSD Free" button on the front page?
> We could add newsflash entries once or twice a year for funding drives
> to provide a second link to the foundation.  The current link on the
> main page just says "Foundation".  We could change that wording to
> "Donate" but I'd rather just have one permanent link on the page to
> the FreeBSD Foundation rather than two to keep it from getting
> cluttered.
>          Murray

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