FYI: WITH_REPRODUCIBLE_BUILD= problem for some files?

Ed Maste emaste at
Mon May 3 14:47:55 UTC 2021

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 at 02:50, Mark Millard via freebsd-current
<freebsd-current at> wrote:
> Files /usr/obj/DESTDIRs/13_0R-CA7-chroot/sbin/ping and /usr/obj/DESTDIRs/13_0R-CA7-poud/sbin/ping differ
> Files /usr/obj/DESTDIRs/13_0R-CA7-chroot/sbin/ping6 and /usr/obj/DESTDIRs/13_0R-CA7-poud/sbin/ping6 differ
> Files /usr/obj/DESTDIRs/13_0R-CA7-chroot/usr/bin/ntpq and /usr/obj/DESTDIRs/13_0R-CA7-poud/usr/bin/ntpq differ...

This is unexpected. Unfortunately I haven't looked at reproducibility
in a while, and my work was all on x86. This could be a regression or
a longstanding issue with arm64.

If you install the diffoscope package (py37-diffoscope) and run it on
the two directories / files it should give a more convenient view of
the differences. (Or, if you can make a tarball of the differing files
I can take a look.)

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