ctm(1) deprecation in the FreeBSD base system?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Sat Dec 22 04:03:53 UTC 2018

> The port Makefile that I have prepared is attached below for reference.
> Regards, STefan

Thanks Stefan,
I took current /usr/ports/misc/ctm/
& converted Stephen's & my diffs to be automatic ports patches:

Stephens diffs are essential, without them CTM broke long ago, 
(5 digit numeric names maybe ?)

I haven't checked all execution as my ctm_rmail scripts run
automaticaly on an older release, not my current box, but this is
running OK so far:
	ctm -q /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM/svn-cur/svn-cur.07000xEmpty.xz ;
	ctm -q /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM/svn-cur/svn-cur.07[0-9][0-9][0-9].xz

Stephen may be best person to test delta builds, as hes the delta originator.

Soonish I'll set up a 
[freebsd-]ctm-src-12 on http://mailman.berklix.org/mailman/listinfo
if Stephens' & my requests to postmaster @ & mailman @ freebsd.org
continues to get no response.

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