The future of ZFS in FreeBSD

Warner Losh imp at
Thu Dec 20 21:18:04 UTC 2018

On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 1:49 PM Allan Jude <allanjude at> wrote:

> I am to give a big thanks to Matt Ahrens for organizing the monthly
> OpenZFS Leadership meeting, and the OpenZFS developer summit, and to
> Brian Behlendorf for being so helpful, and willing to work to make
> OpenZFS better for everyone.

I'd recommend the monthly leadership meetings. They dispelled any doubt
that I had that there were overly powerful factions present that would
disadvantage FreeBSD. The calls were worthwhile to understand the context
of a number of other things being discussed. It seems much healthier in
this context than things I've seen in the Illumos context because of a lack
of burdensome process that provided no benefit and actually got in the way
(which honestly, was my expectations going into the meeting).

There's good reason to trust OpenZFS, it's leadership and decision making
process. If ZoL is the best upstream source, then I trust their judgement
on that, regardless of the hassles it will cause us in the coming months.
>From the discussions I've seen, there is no pain-free choice that doesn't
relegate FreeBSD to a backwater of what we have today.


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