The future of ZFS in FreeBSD

Allan Jude allanjude at
Thu Dec 20 20:47:51 UTC 2018

On 12/19/2018 13:32, Allan Jude wrote:
> Today, the OpenZFS repo is just a fork of the illumos-gate repo, but
> where pull requests are accepted, and where previous Delphix employees

This should say 'previously', Prakash Surya and Matt Ahrens still work 
at Delphix.

> would deal with the process of trying to upstream patches to illumos.
> This process has not worked well recently, as things have gotten stuck
> waiting for 'merge advocates' in illumos.

The major stumbling block was the lack of modern test infrastructure.
Obviously depending on one or two people to merge stuff was a bottleneck 
as those people inevitably get busy.

Anyway, the point is that this doesn't make FreeBSD any more dependent 
on Linux. The goal is this project is to continue to make it easier and 
easier to port OpenZFS and its new features to all platforms (illumos, 
FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, Windows, NetBSD, etc), and to ensure that new 
features arrive in a timely fashion in all of the platforms.

Unifying on a single CI setup saves duplication of effort, and ensures 
that changes can easily be tested on all of the platforms.

This is a project is a good thing, it ensures that FreeBSD will keep 
current on OpenZFS going forward, and helps improve the entire OpenZFS 

I am to give a big thanks to Matt Ahrens for organizing the monthly 
OpenZFS Leadership meeting, and the OpenZFS developer summit, and to 
Brian Behlendorf for being so helpful, and willing to work to make 
OpenZFS better for everyone.

Allan Jude

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