[Bug 227191] Cannot check battery status after upgrading to 12-CURRENT after r330957 (ACPI _STA method removed)

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Thu Dec 6 12:35:18 UTC 2018


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A commit references this bug:

Author: avg
Date: Thu Dec  6 12:34:34 UTC 2018
New revision: 341632
URL: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/341632

  acpi_{Device,Battery}IsPresent: restore pre-r330957 behaviour

  Specifically, assume that the device is present if evaluation of _STA
  method fails.

  Before r330957 we ignored any _STA evaluation failure (which was
  performed by AcpiGetObjectInfo in ACPICA contrib code) for the purpose
  of acpi_DeviceIsPresent and acpi_BatteryIsPresent.  ACPICA 20180313
  removed evaluation of _STA from AcpiGetObjectInfo.  So, we added
  evaluation of _STA to acpi_DeviceIsPresent and acpi_BatteryIsPresent.
  One important difference is that the new code ignored a failure only if
  _STA did not exist (AE_NOT_FOUND).  Any other kind of failure was
  treated as a fatal failure.  Apparently, on some systems we can get
  AE_NOT_EXIST when evaluating _STA.  And that error is not an evil twin
  of AE_NOT_FOUND, despite a very similar name, but a distinct error
  related to a missing handler for an ACPI operation region.

  It's possible that for some people the problem was already fixed by
  changes in ACPICA and/or in acpi_ec driver (or even in BIOS) that fixed
  the AE_NOT_EXIST failure related to EC operation region.

  This work is based on a great analysis by cem and an earlier patch by
  Ali Abdallah <aliovx at gmail.com>.

  PR:           227191
  Reported by:  0mp
  MFC after:    2 weeks


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