[Bug 227191] Cannot check battery status after upgrading to 12-CURRENT after r330957 (ACPI _STA method removed)

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Thu Dec 6 12:07:21 UTC 2018


--- Comment #19 from Andriy Gapon <avg at FreeBSD.org> ---
I am curious if anyone who had this problem before still has it.
Especially, I am curious if they had an error message like in comment#1 and if
that message went way.

In addition to the prior analysis I'd like to add the following summary.
- before base r330957 we ignored any _STA evaluation failure (which was
performed in ACPICA contrib code) for the purpose of acpi_DeviceIsPresent and
- ACPICA 20180313 stopped evaluating _STA altogether
- so, we added evaluation of _STA to acpi_DeviceIsPresent and
- one important difference is that now we ignore a failure only if _STA does
not exist (AE_NOT_FOUND)
- any other kind of failure is treated as a failure
- apparently, on some systems we can get AE_NOT_EXIST when evaluating _STA
- that error is not an evil twin of AE_NOT_FOUND, despite a very similar name,
but a distinct error related to a missing handler for embedded controller (EC)
address space
- it's possible that for some people the problem was fixed by some changes in
ACPICA and/or acpi_ec that fixed the AE_NOT_EXIST failure

Still, I would like to re-iterate my proposal that we restore full pre-r330957
behaviour by ignoring any _STA error.

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