HEADS-UP: IFLIB implementations of sys/dev/e1000 em, lem, igb pending

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 10:48:14 UTC 2017

Hmm I'm not sure about everyone else but I we treat emX as legacy 
devices (not used one in years) but igbX is very common here.

The impact of changing a nic device name is quite a bit more involved 
than just rc.conf it effects other areas too, jails etc so given we can 
loose access to the machine on reboot if everything isn't done right, it 
would be worth considering:

  * Change emX -> igbX to lower the impact.
  * Add shims / alias so that operations on the device name going away
    still work.

What do people think?

On 06/01/2017 03:17, Sean Bruno wrote:
> tl;dr --> igbX devices will become emX devices
> We're about to commit an update to sys/dev/e1000 that will implement and
> activate IFLIB for em(4), lem(4) & igb(4) and would appreciate all folks
> who can test and poke at the drivers to do so this week.  This will have
> some really great changes for performance and standardization that have
> been bouncing around inside of various FreeBSD shops that have been
> collaborating with Matt Macy over the last year.
> This will implement multiple queues for certain em(4) devices that are
> capable of such things and add some new sysctl's for you to poke at in
> your monitoring tools.
> Due to limitations of device registration, igbX devices will become emX
> devices.  So, you'll need to make a minor update to your rc.conf and
> scripts that manipulate the network devices.
> UPDATING will be bumped to reflect these changes.
> MFC to stable/11 will have a legacy implementation that doesn't use
> IFLIB for compatibility reasons.
> A documentation and man page update will follow in the next few days
> explaining how to work with the changed driver.
> sean
> bcc net@ current@ re@

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