GDB question [ at least at first... ]

Alan Somers asomers at
Sun Feb 19 16:38:09 UTC 2017

On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 1:33 AM, Jeffrey Bouquet
<jbtakk at> wrote:
> I've a custom kernel r313487 without, and
> another with, debugging lines re-added.
> [ i386 ]
> With daily vmcore in /var/crash from the
> former, can the latter be used with GDB
> [ the larger kernel ] to evaluate the
> core file from the  non-debugging, thinner
> kernel?

No.  A debugging kernel isn't just a regular kernel with symbols.  It
also adds many more runtime assertions.  The symbols from one won't
match up with the core from another.

> And if so, better to learn GDB here or
> send it off as an attachment to an
> expert ??

There's never a bad time to learn GDB! It'll still work even on your
non-debug kernel.  You should try it out, and learn as much as you
can.  When you feel like you've gone as far as you can by yourself,
then go ahead and post your problem to a mailing list of Bugzilla.  Be
sure to post the full stack trace.  And search for it on Bugzilla
before you post it; you may not be the first person to experience this


> The crashes almost uniformly
> [ 3/4 of them ] happen during
> seamonkey or links -g,  and also
> after the
> recent seamonkey upgrade
> VS before,  which almost
> wrecked the install... if it matters any.
> OR, the fixes I did to the almost-wrecked
> install made it unstable to run
> a browser within. OR, some sysctl
> is not tuned to the recent hardware...
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