GDB question [ at least at first... ]

Jeffrey Bouquet jbtakk at
Sun Feb 19 08:33:21 UTC 2017

I've a custom kernel r313487 without, and
another with, debugging lines re-added.
[ i386 ] 

With daily vmcore in /var/crash from the 
former, can the latter be used with GDB
[ the larger kernel ] to evaluate the 
core file from the  non-debugging, thinner

And if so, better to learn GDB here or
send it off as an attachment to an
expert ??

The crashes almost uniformly
[ 3/4 of them ] happen during
seamonkey or links -g,  and also
after the
recent seamonkey upgrade
VS before,  which almost 
wrecked the install... if it matters any.
OR, the fixes I did to the almost-wrecked
install made it unstable to run
a browser within. OR, some sysctl
is not tuned to the recent hardware...

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