gptzfsboot trouble

Toomas Soome tsoome at
Tue Feb 7 16:33:38 UTC 2017

> On 7. veebr 2017, at 18:08, Thomas Sparrevohn <Thomas.Sparrevohn at> wrote:
> Hi all
> Last week I decided to upgrade my FreeBSD installation - it's been a while
> (September 16 was last time). Unfortunately CURRENT does not boot and cash
> in a weird way. Both 11-RELEASE and 12 CURRENT boot loader seems to attempt
> to read blocks that exceeds the physical disk. Initially I through it was a
> hard disk error - but after a "oh" experience I realised that the
> "gptzfsboot: error 4 lba 921592" is actually beyond the physical boundaries
> of the disk (300GB disk). In order to rule out different options - I
> installed a vanilla 11-RELEASE on the 300G with a simple stripe - it also
> gives the error but does boot - the LBA of the error is slightly different
> on 11 CURRENT and comes up with LBA 921600
> I have scanned all the disks for physical faults and there seems to be none
> and I have tried doing a single disk installation on each disk - they give
> the same error - Does anybody have any idea? Included Photos as sometimes it
> get through to the actual boot menu but then crash in another place

The gptzfsboot does read the backup label from the disk and the GPT backup label is stored at the end of the disk. The location of the backup label is in the primary GPT table, alternate sector field. I wonder if that location is somehow set to bad value…


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