LLD: man pages missing?

Dimitry Andric dim at FreeBSD.org
Mon Dec 25 20:25:13 UTC 2017

On 25 Dec 2017, at 21:16, O. Hartmann <ohartmann at walstatt.org> wrote:
> I have installed most recent CURRENT as of r327219 with LLD_IS_LD=YES set
> via /etc/src.conf.
> I try to find some options and tried "man ld", "man lld" and "ld.lld". In the the latter
> two cases there can nothing be found on the system and man ld always seems to refer to
> the GNU linker - which is, I believe, the linker reached by /usr/bin/ld.bfd. There is
> also a linker "ld" in /usr/local/bin/ld from binutils-2.28,1.

There is no manpage yet.  Upstream provides a bit of Sphinx-based
documentation (e.g. in .rst format), but there is no specific manpage.

Since lld is now approaching a quite usable state, maybe it is time for
a request to upstream to provide one. ;)


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