Stefan Wendler stefan.wendler at
Mon Dec 11 12:37:13 UTC 2017

On 12/11/2017 13:15, Rick Macklem wrote:
> Stefan Wendler wrote:
>> I was wondering when and if FreeBSD will support NFSv4.2
>> Is there anything planned yet?
> Someday, but no specific plans at this point.
> Is there some specific feature in NFSv4.2 that you are looking for?
> I ask because there isn't a lot of new features in NFSv4.2 that aren't
> in NFSv4.1. As such, I didn't see much reason to worry about it.
> (I think there are some high end server features like server->server
>  file copy, which would only be worth having in the client if you had
>  high end NFS servers that supported this stuff.)
> NFSv4.1 was a big change from NFSv4.0, but most of the NFSv4.1->NFSv4.2
> changes are minor. One of the biggest is a way to incrementally add features
> without creating a new (NFSv4.3 or ??) version of the protocol. Probably a
> good idea, but only useful when incremental features are being implemented.
We would like to use the file copy and the sparse features of 4.2 in our
Setup. Do you know if any of the two has been implemented yet? The
sparse feature would be more important than the file copy feature though.


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