Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Mon Dec 11 12:15:23 UTC 2017

Stefan Wendler wrote:
> I was wondering when and if FreeBSD will support NFSv4.2
> Is there anything planned yet?
Someday, but no specific plans at this point.

Is there some specific feature in NFSv4.2 that you are looking for?
I ask because there isn't a lot of new features in NFSv4.2 that aren't
in NFSv4.1. As such, I didn't see much reason to worry about it.
(I think there are some high end server features like server->server
 file copy, which would only be worth having in the client if you had
 high end NFS servers that supported this stuff.)

NFSv4.1 was a big change from NFSv4.0, but most of the NFSv4.1->NFSv4.2
changes are minor. One of the biggest is a way to incrementally add features
without creating a new (NFSv4.3 or ??) version of the protocol. Probably a
good idea, but only useful when incremental features are being implemented.


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