Somethign missing in my environment?

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Tue Aug 23 08:11:12 UTC 2016

On 22-8-2016 17:02, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
> Giving it a last retry building over NFS mounts.
> Which sort of worked after I exclude some boot code that nagged me about
> things growing to big. Which I attributed to "-g -O0".
> But then I was able to complete buildword and buildkernel.
> So sort of happy. Now I need to find out why the reboot did not work.
> But that requires me next to the box.


Building/installing over NFS worked.

And then I shot myself in the foot.

Due to '-g -O0' the bootsector stuff got too big.
So I commented out that part of the Makefile, during build.
And ran install, which installed wrong/corrupt files in /boot, and I got
stuck in BTX. :(

But after some repairing with a boot-stick, and some ZFS voodoo, I
installed correct bootloaders. And things are humming away.


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