drm-4.7-final tagged - CFT for drm-next was Re: drm-4.7-rc1 tagged

Matthew Macy mmacy at nextbsd.org
Sun Aug 14 02:57:59 UTC 2016

I have merged up through v4.7 and fixed a number of issues.  I've also added kevent support to drm and merged in evdev, so all the kernel dependencies for Wayland are enabled by default in GENERIC. I've tagged the last commit as drm-v4.7-final as following that I will start merging v4.8-rc1 changes.

With the final change Wayland now works on post-Haswell hardware:

Unfortunately I still see corruption when playing multiple videos on chrome (chrome has hardware accelerated video playback). FF (not offloaded) does not show corruption, but requires the use of a compositor to avoid tearing to keep frame updates in sync with screen refresh.

The scope of my personal testing is limited so please report any regressions with respect to drm-next-4.6.

 ---- On Fri, 12 Aug 2016 00:21:02 -0700 Matthew Macy <mmacy at nextbsd.org> wrote ---- 
 > A few days ago I branched drm-next-4.6 in to drm-next and synced it with Torvalds' tree as of the v4.6 tag. I then integrated the ~800 commits to drm / i915 / radeon / amdgpu , testing periodically along the way and updating the linuxkpi as needed. I've just tagged the drm-next branch with drm-4.7-rc1 to indicate that it is in sync with 4.7-rc1 upstream.  
 > If any of you are feeling adventurous I would appreciate it if you would try it and report any regressions with respect to drm-next-4.6. I'm aware that there are a number of issues with drm-next-4.6 so I'm only really interested in _new_ issues.  
 > If you're feeling really adventurous - run the piglit test suite from the ports' xserver-next branch and do a root cause analysis on test failures.   
 > As always the repo is at: 
 > https://github.com/FreeBSDDesktop/freebsd-base-graphics 
 > Look through the existing open issues before filing a report and check the wiki first to address any problems. 
 > Cheers. 
 > -M 
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