Massive libxo-zation that breaks everything

Sulev-Madis Silber (ketas) madis555 at
Sun Mar 1 13:34:24 UTC 2015


First, I would be happy to have JSON and XML output about filesystems,
users, routes... but I don't like how it makes code of df, w, netstat
hard to read/maintain and often broken.

I don't think it would be good to continue with this. Maybe the effort
should be put to creating new layer/library and then something on top of
it that actually outputs JSON and XML.

Or, if that's too difficult... maybe just regular df/w/netstat could be
copied to somewhere else and made code libxo-output-only. And original
df/w/netstat changes reverted and left alone.

Then, maybe later, df/w/netstat/... could be updated to this new
layer/library. Or maybe this should be just left as it is.

That would mean having two netstat's in system, which could be both good
(separation) and bad (maintaining).

Just some ideas... I don't know how to solve this issue fully. I'm also
not likely the one who would write code for all this. Hell, those aren't
even all my ideas here. I just worry that system drop-in xo-zation is
bad for overall health of base.

Oh and, it makes rescue larger and more complex, too? On that, there was
suggestion to maybe create separate "first aid kit" and "emergency room"
types of system rescue utils/methods.


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