HEADS UP: PCI SR-IOV infrastructure has been committed to head

Jack Vogel jfvogel at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 08:35:47 UTC 2015

Awesome news my friend. I got distracted with some fire drills this week,
I'll make it a priority to get the ixl changes committed next week.

Thanks to you and everyone involved for getting this done.


On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 6:01 PM, Ryan Stone <rysto32 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've just finished committing support for PCI Single Root I/O
> Virtualization in the pci subsystem to head.  This should be a no-op
> for everyone right now, but there were some minor refactorings in the
> pci code that could have a lingering bug.  I did make sure to test
> that it boots on a variety of systems (but only i386/amd64, as that's
> all that I have access to).
> What's been committed to head is only the pci subsystem side of
> things, along with the userland tools to configure SR-IOV (along with,
> I'm happy to say, a full set of man pages).  What's not in head yet
> are any drivers making use of the infrastructure.  Full support for
> ixl(4) is complete and I've sent the patch to jfv@; I hope to see the
> driver support committed soon.  I don't have any word on timelines for
> getting support in other drivers.  Unfortunately adding SR-IOV support
> to a driver is not trivial as the standard leaves a lot of the details
> up to particular implementations (in the same way the the PCIe
> standard does not define how to send a packet from a NIC; instead
> defining how the PCIe device will expose its registers and whatnot,
> and its up to the PCIe device and driver to understand how to poke at
> the registers to send a packet).  I have heard anecdotally that a
> number of driver maintainers have been very interested in this work so
> I hope that to see more drivers supported SR-IOV in the near future.
> I encourage all driver maintainers to read over the new manpages and
> contact me if they have any questions about the new infrastructure.
> Anybody interested in using SR-IOV should try to attend BSDCan 2015,
> as I will be giving a talk on the subject.  I intend to focus more on
> the system administration side of configuring and using SR-IOV rather
> than the details of implementing an SR-IOV driver.
> If anybody did an "svn up" half-way through my muddled series of
> commits, sorry about the temporary breakage.  My
> buildworld/buildkernel on r279466 just completed successfully so
> please make sure that you have at least that revision.  If you still
> have problems, please let me know.
> I do want to thank John Baldwin for advice about the PCI Subsystem and
> newbus and Jack Vogel for his help with the Fortville NIC, including
> getting me early access to the VF driver for testing purposes.  Thanks
> to everybody who reviewed the changes.  Specially thanks to Mark
> Johnston and Sean Mahood, who literally spent hours with me in a
> meeting room reviewing the entire patch series last summer
> (thankfully, those hours at least weren't consecutive).
> Above all, thanks to Sandvine Inc. for sponsoring this work.  This is
> definitely the biggest contribution we've ever made to FreeBSD and I
> hope to see this kind of thing continue.
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