Problems with zpool upgrade embedded_data, and rebooting

Allan Jude allanjude at
Sat Aug 9 02:26:59 UTC 2014

On 2014-08-08 19:23, John-Mark Gurney wrote:
> Daniel Peyrolon wrote this message on Sat, Aug 09, 2014 at 00:41 +0200:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I just would like to gratuitously rant about something that happened on my
>> machine.
>> Basically, I upgraded my zpool to use embedded_data, since it would be more
>> efficient, and rebooted. (I installed the system with zfs using bsdinstall).
>> It turned out that gptzfsboot wasn't able to load that filesystem, so I
>> tried to get it working from a live system that I have on a USB drive.
>> It didn't work on that particular live system, but, fortunately, someone
>> could do me a favor and download the latest snapshot, and burn it to my USB
>> drive.
>> >From there, it was a matter of importing zroot, mounting it at /mnt, and
>> taking a look at the code of bsdinstall, trying to find the actual command
>> to update the bootloader.
>> I could manage to find it, and hopefully, everything worked again. Thanks
>> to those who helped me :)
>> What would be the better way to avoid this happening in the future?
> Didn't you get the following warning:
> # zpool upgrade -a
> This system is currently running ZFS pool version 28.
> Successfully upgraded 'tank'
> If you boot from pool 'tank', don't forget to update boot code.
> Assuming you use GPT partitioning and da0 is your boot disk
> the following command will do it:
>     gpart bootcode -b /boot/pmbr -p /boot/gptzfsboot -i 1 da0
> Or something similar?
> If you didn't follow the warnings, how else can we help you?

Yeah, there is a big warning with explicit instructions after you zpool
upgrade, warning you about this specific issue.

In order to save your self from a rescue system, it'd have to support
the embedded_data feature as well.

Allan Jude

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